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Ok. Story first.
(if you dont like good story’s you can skip it!)

Chris pm’ed me on fb and ask if i want to wright a review on CLYW’s new yoyo.I said that it’s a great idea and he sent me a yoyo. Well… two weeks passed and he asked me is it already in my hands. It was not, but i have a paper, that says that i have something to take from the post.

And thats what i sent him later:

You never gonna belive that!
I went to the post today, but it was just some catalog in the mail.
I came back home and check my mailbox again and… i find a new paper
saying that there is a packet from Canada!!! So i went back to the post,
but it was closed for a lunch break!! Now i’m sitting in a coffee shop
next to the post drinking awesome coffe and wrightin all this from a
free wifi spot.

Lol… i finished my coffie and my choclate/pistachio pie.
(you should always find a way to win even if situation is not good enough for you)
And finally i hold this yoyo in my hands!

First impressions.

Look. That was a dark green matte finish with purple spraying and it was epicly awesome!
Colors reminds me of a «Hulk smash» colorway, but looks even better! When i came home i
find my «Hulk smash» Wooly Marmot and compare it to Sasquatch and it was better. Colors
are deeper and playing with light. The finish is awesome.

Feelings. I take yoyo in my hands and feel a big, wide load of energy and also a joy of cause.
You can’t blame me for that! Someone can say: Hey! This guy is not professional, but belive me you can’t
take such soft-finished yoyo in your hands without a joy for a first, second and a few dozens times more.
I have a huge collection of yoyos (100+ metal yoyos(i never count them)) and i can’t stand and hold
Sasquatch without joy.

First throw. I throw Sasquatch and make some Braintwister combo to feel speed and weight distribution.
It fly’s fast in my hands and the bearing was virinly clean. Sasquatch has a wide silicone pads response
system that can be easily changed to flowable silicone if you prefer that settings. The groove is deep
and i think it will holds flowable silicone good and it will wears out slowly.

Play. I’m sitting here all wet and full of impressions. I put all my skill to the limits and push Sasquatch
to lead me thru my tricks and combos. Yes this yoyos will not solve all of your problems and it cant help
you to do your tricks better than you can, but it can give you a lot of inspiration. Thats not the first time
i gain such feeling from yoyos. A lot of yoyos are made with soul. It reminds me the time when i play Pyro and
Barebones and they blew me away! I’m also have such feelings from CLYW previous yoyo Puffing Gnar. I’m played
with Gnarwhal itself but it wasnt that good.

CLYW Sasquatch Stats(taken from YYE):
Diameter: 55.6 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 43.0 mm / 1.70 inches
Gap Width: 4.14 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 68.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Flowable Silicone (i have pad response, but retail version with flowable silicone)

Ok. Lets move. I noticed the thing about weight distribution. When you perform your tricks with Sasquatch
it feels like it chasing you. So if you are not fast player it will try to speed you up. Spin time are long
and stability is good. Nevertheless i put an EVO bearing for even longer sleep times. Same as Krisztian Kaluzsa
uses — Hi pal!

Grinds. Fingergrinds are long and stable and after that, yoyo can spin for a long time even on a
low speed. Sasquatch doesnt have any special curve for tumbgrinds but if you know how to do them — you can!

Overall. Sasquatch — is a great yoyo with a soul and good look. It’s big and heavy and has a good weight distribution.
you can use it to compete, shooting a video, improve your style, invent new trick, showing off or just collect.

P.S. This is my first review on english. I suppose there will be a lot of mistakes up there. Please don hate me for that -i’m Russian. :)


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  1. Francis пишет:

    If you’d like I can fix a few of the grammatical and spelling mistakes.

    Good review nonetheless!

  2. Hulio пишет:

    If you can send me a mail at perfectelementsyoyos at with fixes i will appreciate that!

  3. Thomas пишет:

    «I’m sitting here all wet and full of impressions.»
    This made me very happy.

  4. Hulio пишет:

    lol. I just played with yoyo hard. :) till i get sweat.

  5. Hi Pal 😉

  6. Hulio пишет:

    Hi Krisz! Nice to see you on my website! :)

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